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Thursday, June 12, 2008
Blame Where It Belongs
I had a young man try to upbraid me for preaching on the need for women to dress modestly. He said that the real problem is not that women dress immodestly, but that men are prone to lust. He asked why I did not preach against the lust that burns within man rather than the dress of women who are the victims and objects of the lustful intentions of wicked men.

I told him that on many other occasions I preached about lust and that it wasn't the subject of that message to upbraid men. It was the purpose of that message to encourage our young women to dress modestly. However, I wish I had known about this video before I answered him. I would have directed him to this wonderful quote by Richard Baxter found in this video:

It's such a shame that we have left the spiritual depth of the 1950s and succumbed to the lures of the 2000's.
Sound the trumpet, Gamaliel! A shirt and tie is a testimony that our men are set apart.
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