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Gamaliel's Desk
Friday, November 12, 2004
Election 2004
Note: A little while ago Dave Blakeslee, founder of www.PoMoXian.com and keeper of the Gamaliel archives at the PoMoXian Yahoo group and inhabitant of a Blue state, suggested that I post Gamaliel’s response to the election, particularly since he lives in a Red state. Due to my travel schedule and other things, I was unable to secure a response from everybody’s favorite Pharisee. Fortunately, my good friend Mike Stidham (known widely online as The Action Sub) was able to procure an e-mail from an acquaintance of Gamaliel, Telemachus J. Dobson. I’m sure you will enjoy his viewpoint on the recent campaign.


Like many of our Pharisee brethren, we rejoice in the election of God's Man of the Hour, George W. Bush. We also exult that the Godless Left Wing Biased Media have correctly noticed that Pharisee Moral Values have been the deciding factor in this election. While prior to the election of the Almighty Ronald Reagan, a graphic of the color red covering the nation was a call to arms against ungodly Communists and their sympathizers in Washington and college campuses throughout our land; Red is now representative of the GOP--GOD'S ONLY PARTY and the lefties are now singing Democrat Blues.

We recognize that it was God's hand at work, delivering us from the demonic hand of that modern-day Ahab, John Kerry. Like many of the evil kings of Judah, he married a foreign woman. In this case, we submit that Teresa Heinz Kerry, that New Age Jezebel, would lead her husband farther away from the standard of right living and by extension, lead God's City on a Hill to rack and ruin.

But let us not rest on our laurels. We must understand that this is not a victory to be savored, but a stay of execution to be used wisely. Our Lord has granted us four more years of prosperity, instead of the Democratic Party taking our Bibles away and forbidding the preaching of the Gospel.

And the possibility of Hillary Clinton in the West Wing? First off, our Word says that a "woman shall not hold any place of authority over a man". If they can't teach Sunday School, they for sure ain't going to run the country!!!! However, it is rumored that sex-crazed degenerate, Bill Clinton, aspires to the presidency of the UN. This, of course, would put him as second banana to #666 himself, at the right hand of the Seat of Satan over the New World Order. (It is regrettable that Our President's father innocently invoked this phrase, thus diluting it of its correct evil connotation.)

We also see this as a deliverance for Iraq. God has delivered the original home of the Garden of Eden (now located three miles north of Tulsa) from the hand of Sodam Insane (sp?). He has now allowed those towel-head heathens one more chance to hear the Gospel before Our President issues the call for Armageddon. It is positively exciting to have a front-row seat as the prophetic writings of LaHaye and Jenkins for this end time are realized!!!!

To sum it up, at the end of the day, I thank God I am not like the liberals who have just recently discovered there is a God and are praying they don't get slaughtered again in ‘08. I have voted according to Pharisee family values since we discovered them in 1980. We have a portrait over the pulpit of Jesus placing his hand on Ronald Reagan's shoulder while George W. Bush holds the coats. We have the ushers tear all non-W04 bumper stickers off cars in our lot. In short, I am thankful that I am not a Democrat, a dog, or Teresa Heinz Kerry.

In closing, God's hand be on you and your tireless call to the nation to observe the Pharisee Family Values that made this land great!!!

Telemachus J. Dobson

A graduate of Pharisee Theological Seminary and All-Night Pancake House, the Rev. Mr. Dobson is married with a young daughter and two cats, all of whom abide in full submission. TJD pastors the Riverbend Pharisee Mission in Southern Illinois.

(NOTE: Rev. Dobson is no relation to that other guy in Colorado. He wishes to make this clear since the psycho-heretic doctor may talk the talk, but since he has allowed his wife to head up the National Day of Prayer Committee instead of doing it himself, it is clear he doesn't walk the walk.)

Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place."
John 18:36 (NIV)

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