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Saturday, May 08, 2004
Persecuting Persecutors

One of the things I do as a Pharisee pastor is to inform my reading public of the state of the Persecuted Church. I try to keep close ties on martyrs for the faith in other countries and pray fervently for their freedom. An important part of my ministry is informing others of the desperate plight of these dear persecuted saints. I had no idea that my e-ministry of keeping people apprised of this vital information would be a source of criticism.

A harshly critical "brother" who had been removed from my Pharisee Phundamentals group for being so contrary to the plain truth continues to send me his vituperative e-mails. Before I put him on a "blocked senders" list he managed to accuse my ministry for martyrs as an exercise in hypocrisy. He claimed that he wanted to know how I could admonish people to pray for the persecuted church in China
, the Sudan and around the world when, according to him, I wouldn't "spit on a non-Pharisee church in this country if it were on fire." What he fails to understand is that the non-Pharisee churches in America are all purveyors of falsehood, lies and perverters of the faith and deserve to burn. The persecuted church, by virtue of its persecution, is kept pure and spotless from the taint of false doctrine and is deserving of our prayers and support.

He told me that it is dishonest for me to preach against the modern English versions of the Bible and then pay to send "modern" versions of the Bible to other countries. In this he only reveals his ignorance rather than wisdom. Churches in America who do not use the Authorized Version of the Bible are preaching a false gospel because they do not have the pure and spotless Word of God. I am not hypocritical for sending Bibles to other lands that are not the Authorized Version for one very simple reason. They don't speak English. An Authorized Version would do them no good. There is nothing wrong with sending them The Infallible, Inspired Word of God in their own language. The whole issue of Bible versions doesn't come up in these counties for another simple reason: they only have one version of the Bible in their native tongue. Therefore whatever they have IS the word of God in their language. If it weren't then God wouldn't preserve it. It is only in English that we see the proliferation of per-versions of the Bible.

Nor am I a hypocrite for saying that the use of modern media devices in the church in America is a sin while others promote its use overseas. The reason is because movies, video, music and other media are inherently corrupt in America. They are the offspring of the Hellywood crowd and their evil taints everything in this country. Even Billy Graham has gotten into the act of trying to release feature films to theaters and I still refuse to go because I don't want to support establishments that show the other vile offerings of the movie industry. By contrast, the movies and other media we send overseas are pure and spotless works of Christians going into a culture that is untainted by the evil influence of American film. So, while I would never show a movie or video in my church because of its evil association in this country, it is perfectly fine for missionaries to do the same in countries where movies are not associated so closely with evil.

I could go on and on with the criticism and scorn that he heaped on me but as you can tell, he was speaking from ignorance. It is abundantly clear that the persecuted church is the True Church because if they weren't then they wouldn't be persecuted. Why would Satan waste his time persecuting his own? And the fact that false churches in America are not suffering persecution is proof that Satan is unconcerned about their state since they are already serving him. The only church in this country that is the object of such intense hatred by both those who do and don't claim the name of Christ is the Pharisee church. Come to think of it, this "brother" is actually persecuting me by calling me a hypocrite. Instead of proving me a hypocrite, he has demonstrated my faithfulness by making me a martyr to the cause of Christ.


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