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Monday, May 12, 2008
The New Christians?

Tony Jones, coordinator for that hotbed of apostasy, Emergent Village, has written a new book called The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier. Let me just say I have already “dispatched” this book. No, I have not read it , nor am I ever likely to. I was so put off by Jones’ blog and his contributions to the Emergent Village web sit that I can pretty much tell you what this blasphemous book is all about. But why take my word for it? Jones has created a series of videos about one of the characters in his book called “Trucker Frank.” I started watching it and about half way though, I was so put off by the vile gutter language I couldn’t bear to watch any more. See for yourself (but be warned, this gets EXTEMELY offensive toward the middle):

Clearly, Jones is unconcerned about living a life according to godly standards. His casual use of such crude language is evidence that he has no regard for holiness and least of all with respect to the work of God. For him and Trucker Frank to insinuate that the Bible, God’s Holy Word, contains the coarse language of the streets, is an offense to the host of Heaven and all who love the pure unadulterated Truth. I don’t care what Trucker Frank says the Greek word skubalon meant in the “original” language, he is obviously no Greek scholar. I will remain content with the King James word, “dung” instead of what they use.

Some will argue that the Bible is full of bad words like “damn” and “hell” and even “bastard.” And indeed it does contain these words. However, what these mindless critics don’t realize is that these so-called bad words were sanctified and holy language at the time God verbally inspired the King James Bible. It is only through the grossest misuse by worldlings that these holy words - still uttered from my pulpit, by the way, in a godly context - have become bad words. Friends, these word’s are God-ordained and holy words that have only become perverted by their misuse outside of a godly context. If people in the world were concerned about their souls and discussing the certain damnation that faced them in a Devil’s hell, as the bastard offspring, then I would have no trouble with them using this sanctified language. But no, they have even gone so far as to take the name of our Lord in vain and turn the name of our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ into an occasion of cursing.

Nor are these the only Bible words being misused and abused. There has been a recent surge in trying to convert a perfectly good King James Bible word to the same level of crudity as other gutter words. I praise the Lord that there are still Bible believing preachers willing to stand against this trend and stand up for God’s word. We need more voices from the pulpit proclaiming the Truth of God’s Word unashamedly and boldly like this fellow:

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